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Injection Pump - DB2 4911 Replacement 92-93 6.5L
Injection Pump - DB2 4911 Replacement 92-93 6.5L

Injection Pump - DB2 4911 Replacement 92-93 6.5L

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Calibration and Testing
Complete new genuine Stanadyne DB2 Injection Pump that directly replaces the DB2-4911 mechanical injection pump primarily seen on 200HP 1992 and 1993 C/K 2500 and 3500 series 6.5L Turbo Diesel applications.

This pump features some updates not seen on original pumps. This updated pump assembly comes with new hardened steel advance piston bore and matching piston to greatly improve the life of the automatic timing advance system used on these pumps (that is all gone usually on 100k up mile pumps). The pump also features an updated top cover assembly that reduces the chance of air-leaks from the top cover or water and moisture leaking inward. This pump also features the updated head/rotor assembly to fix the issues that plagued the 4911 units leading to a hot-no-start issue or hot-hard-start problem with no glow plugs when warm.

All new pumps are tested before shipped, the checkout option of  "Standard OE Tested" reflects that process.

Why the testing? We want to be sure when a unit goes out the door that it's matching all the calibration specs and there is nothing unexpected. We have seen some issues with new pumps, mostly in adjustments. The pump is run, verifying fuel delivery, pressures, and advance. If out of spec, it's corrected. This process does not alter Stanadyne 12-Month warranty. Testing is now mandatory on all pumps sold, as such we've reduced the testing price. Please allow 2-weeks from order to shipment for testing and calibration procedures to complete.

Fueling Increase options

Same testing process as above, but changes made to accommodate the fuel delivery increase.

OE bump

The acceptable fuel range is + or - 1.5cc, calibration preference is in the middle, some are on the bottom some are near the top (total range from low to high is 3cc). This option sets at the top of the range.

5cc bump

This is an acceptable increase for stock trucks with an adjustable wastegate controller to increase the turbo pressures for the additional fueling, while monitoring intake manifold pressure and exhaust temps with a pyrometer.

10cc bump

This increase is near the maximum delivery this pump will provide in stock form. This fuel rate should be accommodated on truck with turbo with adjustable wastegate controller or aftermarket turbo, a boost gauge, exhaust temperature gauge, and larger exhaust system.

Pumps with modified fuel rates carry a 6-month warranty through Unique Diesel.

Fueling Increase options are bumps in the stock fuel curve, where we take the median stock fueling set-point and increase that value by the amount selected on the checkout. This is simply a calibration, as pump is not taken apart and modified.

*** Please note, as this typically goes without saying but end-user modification (opening the pump, changing fueling etc.) voids all warranty on the unit.

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