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Injection Pump - DB2 170HP Non Turbo 6.5L
Injection Pump - DB2 170HP Non Turbo 6.5L

Injection Pump - DB2 170HP Non Turbo 6.5L

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Calibration and Testing
Complete new genuine Stanadyne DB2 Injection Pump that directly replaces the NA 6.5L mechanical injection pump (Non-Turbo) primarily seen on 170HP 1994 and up applications like P30's and G30's. Could also be an upgrade on 6.2L applications needing a little more power and wanting a completely 100% new pump (as 6.2L new pumps are no longer manufactured).

This pump features some updates not seen on original pumps. This updated pump assembly comes with new hardened steel advance piston bore and matching piston to greatly improve the life of the automatic timing advance system used on these pumps (that is all gone usually on 100k up mile pumps). The pump also features an updated top cover assembly that reduces the chance of air-leaks from the top cover or water and moisture leaking inward.

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Standard OE Tested and verified doesn't affect Stanadyne warranty.

Why the testing? These things are built by humans, and as such stuff happens. We want to be sure when a unit goes out the door that it's matching all the calibration specs and there is nothing unexpected. We have seen some issues with new pumps, mostly in adjustments. Testing is now mandatory on all pumps sold, as such we've reduced the testing price. Please allow 2-weeks from order to shipment for testing and calibration procedures to complete.

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