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Pump - Water Pump Engine V-Belt High Flow
Pump - Water Pump Engine V-Belt High Flow

Pump - Water Pump Engine V-Belt High Flow

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New high volume water pump for v-belt 6.2L applications. This is the original performance v-belt pump brought to market by Peninsular in the early 90's. This pumps performance is approximately 109 GPM. This pump has been resurrected from the dead by retooling to cast a new impeller and update machining processes to improve upon the already good design. This product starts out as a quality aftermarket waterpump that is machined to accept a larger custom impeller that we manufacture, that's where the improvement comes in. This is a cast-iron impeller just like the OE pump would be. The cost of this pump assembly is due to improved machining and having to be produced in large lots to be made, but still low production compared to mass production. This is a proven design with deployed units in the thousands, and hundreds sold by Unique Diesel since resuming production of this assembly.

Don't forget the gaskets and sealant, available related to this item!

Note: Please use caution when considering other pumps advertising improved flow using aluminum impellers which could fail leading to no impeller movement and could rapidly degrade. The aluminum impeller pumps have been shown with large impeller to housing clearance which clearly indicates no testing has occurred as that would reduce pump performance not improve it.

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