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Gasket - Head Gasket 6.5L Alt Sealing
Gasket - Head Gasket 6.5L Alt Sealing

Gasket - Head Gasket 6.5L Alt Sealing

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Standard thickness head gasket for all 6.5L applications and features alternative sealing abilities for repairs. This specific gasket provides additional utility during a repair when a groove is found on the block's deck where the previous head gasket fire ring was. Specifically, on engines where it was leaking and the imperfection is more pronounced. This gasket has a larger fire ring which will cover and seal onto the deck where the material is complete. This gasket is not a substitute for repairs where machine decking the block is necessary, but provides an option when the factory gasket's sealing ability on existing surface is possible but questionable.

This should be used on applications where a 6.5L cylinder head is used only (or 6.5 head on a 6.2L for example). This is the updated gasket assembly that features the coolant flow reinforcements on end cylinders.

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