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Engine - New Longblock 6.5L Non Turbo PS ATO
Engine - New Longblock 6.5L Non Turbo PS ATO

Engine - New Longblock 6.5L Non Turbo PS ATO

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Part Number:6504051ATO
  • Condition:New
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New AM General - GEP Optimizer ™ 6.5L Diesel Engine - Non Turbo Naturally Aspirated Engine (or light duty Turbo Engine)

This is the latest version of the 6.5L engine still produced new today. These are build-to-order engines in that your engine is run down the assembly line after order. Unfortunately, they are not built ahead of time and stored. Standard lead time to delivery is approximately 6-8weeks, sometimes less depending on assembly plant's load.

This engine has a lot of versatility in that it's a direct replacement for the many Non Turbo 6.5L applications used from 1994 - 2002 in C/K Trucks, Vans (G and P series), and some other applications. This engine was also used up to around 2010 is some P Series Delivery Vans. The replacement engine is also suitable for all 6.2L Diesel applications as an upgrade from the 1982-1993 135-155HP 6.2L engines to an updated engine that is capable of producing 170HP nearly smoke-free without a turbocharger with appropriate matching fuel injection components. This is the PS version of this engine which stands for Piston-Spray in that the engines have piston oil spray cooling which makes this engine more suitable for turbo 6.2L replacements and 1994-1999 Vin S 6.5L Turbo applications where fuel economy is a preference (versus the heavy duty emissions engines).

Please Note:

This product page is abundantly detailed, please take the time to read and study imagery. While we realize this is not an inexpensive item, this does not mean a high priority is placed on customer services to provide sales information on. This product page is the result of years of experience providing this product and answering potential customer questions. Take what is presented to make the decision, once a purchase decision is made, please complete and ask for assistance in completing a purchase, not with pre-purchase sales questions.

Features & Included:

  • Engine Longblock Assembly (engine, timing cover, balancer, covers, pan, lift brackets, as pictured)
  • Forged Crankshaft (we've known this since 2019 just didn't publicize this to our competition)
  • Block Heater (120 volt)
  • Oil Filter (filter and filter fitting)
  • Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch pre-installed
  • Filled with 15w40 Break-In Oil
  • Natural Aspirated Cylinder Heads with fuel economy pre-combustion ports.
Engine features all metric fasteners, so if replacing a Pre-1999 model Engine, please inquire after purchase about a metric fastener kit after purchase necessary for replacing your existing engine (will need to know year/make/model). This is only available to customers who purchase a Longblock here. Approximately $95 shipped.


These new long blocks carry no warranty. The manufacturer provides no warranty on these engines. Unique Diesel provides no warranty on these engines. Warranty coverage is not an option on these engines and is a term of the manufacturer. We are being up-front about the limitation which is more than can be said for other potential sources.

Payment and Shipping

This item is available for purchase via traditional payments only (no cards please). During checkout you'll be presented with an option to "Check / MO / ACH / Wire" where you will have a blank to specify how you would like to manually pay, example Wire for Wire Payment. Authorized accounts have manual checkout enabled, to get authorized add item to cart and then contact us with serious intent to puchase and your account will be enabled for the manual checkout. After checkout you will be emailed banking information for the Wire if that's what you selected. You will have 1 week to remit payment for Cash Value payment.

Select the shipping option that meets your need. Items with shipping amounts are for Continental USA shipments only. Flat rate shipping is provided as courtesy and we cannot provide alternative shipping estimates, please select an option provided. We do not provide quotations for export shipments outside of the USA. Please source a capable Freight Forwarder in the USA that we can ship to, they can then ship to your country. Take note of the engine preparation requirement for export engines where the forwarder uses Air Freight.

Shipping will be performed in a secure shipping crate, exactly as pictured. Engine is safest shipping in this method!

Engine Preparation Options

If unit is being shipped via Air Freight the engine must be free of oil, new engines come with break-in oil in the pan, so engine must be un-crated and drained of oil and a new filter installed (that is dry). This requires being sent to Unique Diesel for processing making it not possible to drop-ship from factory, this is part of the cost associated with this option.

Addition of timing tab for mechanical engines. The factory cannot modify this assembly as it's intended for electronic engines. We can optionally add the mechanical timing tab to the front of the engine's timing cover with special tooling and have it match TDC for timing with timing lights, We do this and add the plug in the timing cover to delete the crank sensor opening. This makes the engine have to come to us instead of being able to drop-ship. This is part of the expenses figured into the cost of the option.

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