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Kit - 92-96 6.5 Low Temp Clutch And 20 in Poly 9-Blade Shaved Fan Upgrade
Kit - 92-96 6.5 Low Temp Clutch And 20 in Poly 9-Blade Shaved Fan Upgrade

Kit - 92-96 6.5 Low Temp Clutch And 20 in Poly 9-Blade Shaved Fan Upgrade

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Replacement 20" poly engine cooling fan shaved for proper fitment on a 6.5L Diesel engine with the low temp fan clutch, This fan starts out as the 9-blade Dmax fan discussed by many to improve cooling performance by fan blade on early 6.5L applications. Many have installed the 21" Dmax and found out that it really doesn't fit and interferes with the fan shroud, or only occasionally interferes depending on torque load on the engine mounts or movement of the body with the vehicle articulating uneven terrain. Grinding on the fan shroud is a poor and permanent mistake. This 20" shaved fan addresses all the former fitment concerns and fits the shroud configuration as well as the factory 20" steel blade would.

This is primarily applicable to 1992-1996 model 6.5 turbo in C K Model vehicles. This is an upgrade in performance compared to the 6-blade steel fan found in the 1992-1996 model trucks. This fan and clutch combination is a drop-in replacement fan and clutch combination. Fan and clutch assembly will come assembled with fasteners. Please make the appropriate selection by looking at the product pictures. Most 1992-1996 trucks should have a stud-mount fan clutch, whereby the fan clutch is secured to the water pump and pulley by 4 studs and nuts. We are also making the option available for those with the later fan clutch setup that uses a single screw-on hub that requires nearly special tools to remove (big wrench to start). Choose the option that matches your truck. Physically look!

For the the 1997 on up factory 6.5L trucks, they come equipped with a steel 9-blade fan that is a better match, no need to replace for the poly fan. If you are interested in the fan clutch by itself to improve cooling control with your factory 9-blade steel blade, this product is available separately.

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