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Dual Thermostat Housing Assembly 6.5 97-up Truck
Dual Thermostat Housing Assembly 6.5 97-up Truck

Dual Thermostat Housing Assembly 6.5 97-up Truck

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Thermostat Temperature
OE Waterhole Gaskets 2x (+$4.40)
Dual Thermostat housing assembly complete (as pictured) This is factory applicable to 1996-2002 6.5L Applications in CK Trucks and others (Express and Savanna) and some Turbo P30 Applications. Please select the high flow balanced sleeve thermostat temperature you need as these will be installed as the unit is assembled, temperature must be paired.

Required for selection are the waterhole gaskets for between the crossover and the cylinder head. As part of the installation (cannot install a crossover with sealant alone or it will crack), these are the recommended gasket as they require no sealant when installed on a clean dry surface and with the red sealant ring facing up that seals to the dual crossover manifold.

This is part of the go-to adaptation solution to increasing the 6.5 Diesel's towing capacity as this helps the engine stay cooler. Mostly this is adapted to 1994-1996 models. This is not compatible with 1992-1993 engines with mechanical injection pump or engines converted to mechanical injection pumps as the throttle linkage interferes. This assembly coupled with the updated water pump increases flow through the block and then out (through this housing) to the radiator where the rest of the cooling system can better do it's job. While some may pair a single thermostat housing with the high volume water pump they are at an increased risk of pushing out soft plugs from the block at high rpm while the system is trying to overcome the bottleneck of a single thermostat with a solid bypass.

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