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Peninsular Towing Turbo
Peninsular Towing Turbo

Peninsular Towing Turbo

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This is the Peninsular towing turbo introduced in 90's as an alternative turbocharger to the factory unit. This is a Schwitzer unit that has been specifically spec'ed. Formerly this was a discontinued item but have decided to offer this unit not really to complete with other turbo options but as a replacement option for the over a 1000 units Peninsular sold over the years.

The turbocharger is a non-wastegated unit that will bolt to factory 6.5L engines from 1992-2002 with side-mount turbocharger from factory. While this is not a direct drop-in fit because it will require the cutting of the factory upper intake manifold plenum and the removal or trimming of the injector heat shield to allow alignment and clearance for the factory oil drain tube to align with outlet on the turbo. These modifications are pretty standard with all the other aftermarket turbocharger offerings for the 6.5L except those that utilize the factory 6.5L turbocharger assembly with performance center section for example. Factory air cleaner housing will directly connect to this turbo, no change there except you'll start ignoring the filter minder on 1997 and up filters because the turbo pulls more air.

Performance wise, we've been personally running one of these on a 1999 GMC K2500 Suburban 3.73 geared and 265 rubber and a mild towing tune and its a nice performing unit. This turbo does not require an intercooler and we would not recommend one as you will see a reduction in spool-up performance (tried it, will save you the trouble). Since this unit does not require an intercooler it makes installation simpler and safer.

This turbo really does well for trucks with shorter gears and tires (245 tires or 4.10 gears) because it allows the engine to reduce drive pressure which reduces EGT's and it performs well by providing higher cfm of boost pressure at a cooler intake charge temperature.

Added bonus is that this turbo has a nice sing to it, but not obnoxiously like many Holset units.

Boost pressure is around a maximum of 13psi depending on fueling, your results may vary.

For 1994 and up trucks you will either need to purchase a boost fooling device (sold on this store) or a performance ecm tune. The fooler option is used to limit the boost pressure the ecm sees to under 9psi to avoid setting DTC codes and getting a DeFuel limp mode. Recommend a boost pressure gauge be installed to fine tune a fooler, or monitoring diagnostic software to tune keeping in mind loaded with heat will generate almost 2psi more than your maximum observed empty testing WOT. Invest in a performance tune to raise or remove the boost fault limits would also be ideal.

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