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Bulk Ordering


Policy Version 7-18-2023

This policy outlines how inventory control currently operates on this website and how purchases that exceed the amount specified in the store as a maximum quantity per order can be handled. Maximum per-purchase quotas are in place to serve more customers.

Each item available for purchase on this web store has been configured with a maximum amount of that item that can be purchased within a single order. This order amount is primarily based on individual customers needing items to service one engine. So the amount of an item would be setup for the amount of an item that would normally be found on one engine assembly or one vehicle. If more than one of the item is needed, for example; double the amount that the store currently allows per order. For USA customers, simply complete the first order, then go back and create another order with the amount needed for that second engine or spare part. Please be sure to put something in the order comments of the second order of "ordering spare, not a duplicate order" to keep the order from being flagged as an accidental duplicate order which is handled via another policy. Any more than two orders for the same components will be cancelled. For International customers where combined shipping for items traveling potentially thousands of miles is required, utilize the bulk ordering policy.

For customers needing much more items than just enough of an item to service one engine, or unable to place two orders to satisfy the amount they need then the following process applies.

Bulk Ordering Process

Steps to complete bulk order:

  1. Make an order in the store with the items you need individually.
  2. Complete the order with payment in the store, use "Save my Credit Card Information" at checkout.
  3. Contact Customer Service and Provide the part number and total quantity of items needed.
  4. Order will be placed on hold.
  5. Await reply and confirmation with current pricing, lead time and combined shipping.
  6. Confirmation of request.
  7. Invoice will be edited, payment collected and order released for processing.
Post order process:

  • Once ordered we will edit invoice for amounts of items needed and quoted shipping price
  • Remainder of balance will run with card saved within store.
  • If card was not saved during initial checkout, please see Credit Card policy for how to add.
  • If remainder of payment will be another form, will await payment (wire, check, cash).
  • For wire payments, remainder of order must exceed $500.
  • Once payment settled (card, or manual payment) store will email updated invoice.
Order fulfillment:

  • If indicated that bulk order will come out of existing stock, order will progress.
  • If indicated that items for bulk order will be sourced, the lead time applies.

  • Bulk policy will not over-ride card purchase limitations, other mediums must be used.
  • Not all items are eligible for bulk purchases, no guarantee will allow a bulk purchase in quantity.
  • May or may not fulfill order out of available inventory (will indicate at quote).
  • Discounts on bulk quantities not offered, posted price applies, except below;
  • a. Item price may increase when sourced to current replacement price, posted price will update.
  • b. pricing will not be blended between old and new pricing when total order cannot be fulfilled.
Important Limitation:
  • If quoted bulk order and customer does not complete, future bulk inquires are disregarded.
  • Above means if you waste our time, you lose this service's ability.