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Credit Cards


Version 7-13-2023

Credit Card and Purchase Options

We accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment up to $3000 USD for total order value (items including shipping, total purchase).

Help with Declined Card orders

Typically there are two main reasons why you will not be able to checkout on the website using your credit or debit card resulting in a Declined status. Please review the reasons below and correct your checkout process as indicated. You may also have been sent a link to this page by Customer Service without explanation for you to read.

1) Billing address entered in the store for checkout does not match the actual cardholder information on file with the card or bank debit card issuer. This store's processor uses AVS which is Address Verification System which compares the information provided at checkout with the actual information held electronically by the card issuer. If this information does not match identically nearly all the information, the transaction will decline. Please check that the card holder information as well as the billing address match the information found on your card issuer statement.

2) Exceeded amount on daily or other spending limit by card issuer. This website deals in some items that are expensive and can exceed a security spending limit on a card, for which you may not be aware you have reached or what it is. Please verify with your card issuer or bank what your limit is and a pre-authorize an extension for the purchase should the anticipated purchase amount exceed the normal limit.

Manual Payment Process When Order Exceeds Card Threshold

Other forms of payment are optionally accepted on purchases of $2500 on up (Wire Transfer, ACH (USA only), Check, Money Order (MO), and USD Cash) or when total order value exceeds $3000.

For purchase of items that together with shipping exceed the $3000 credit card limit or individual items that exceed this threshold the manual payment options are used for checkout. Because customers may not realize how to start the process of sending a traditional payment, or understand limitations with certain payment options we ask that you contact customer service to request completing an order with a manual payment option. Once you have consulted with customer service and confirmed which manual payment option you would like to use your account will have the manual payments checkout options enabled on it. You will then see the manual payment option on your final checkout page and will then be able to complete your order (see second example of how this looks).

Example of final checkout page when no payment options are available:

Example of final checkout page on account that has Manual Payments enabled:

In the Write Type of Payment you will write one of the following only:

Check- Personal, Business, or Certified Check - Clearance Delays Apply
MO - Is short for Money Order and is only for USA Customers
ACH- Is an electronic funds transfer only for USA Customers
Wire- Is an electronic Bank Wire preferred for International and USA Customers.

The results of having this enabled on your account is you will be able to do a full checkout and create a binding invoice and intent to purchase the items on the checkout with a manual payment. The manual payment will be coordinated with customer service. Communication with customer service after a manual payment checkout is required within 3 business days and confirmation of a sent payment within 1-week. Communicate with customer service is circumstances our outside of anticipated requirements. Just a reminder that an unfulfilled invoiced order using the manual payment and full checkout process will lead to cancellation of both the order and account privileges, requests to cancel after going through the same process also yield the same results.

Saving Credit Card Info In Store

This store can securely store your credit card information which can be used for future orders, or adding items to an order that was limited by the bulk ordering inventory controls, or supplemental manual charges. There are 2 ways that you can add a credit card to the store. The first method is during a checkout, you can check the box on the final checkout page that says "Save My Credit Card Information" and it will be stored in your My Account customer profile. The second method is to add the card manually through the My Account customer profile, this area is also how you can remove a card from your profile should you not want it stored or if the card expires.

Bulk and Manual Order Authorization Note:

If card is added to facilitate a bulk order or manual order process the customer grants permission to make charges to card by store operator for the additional products and services communicated through customer service.

1.) While logged into your account, access the My Account section of the store.

2.) Scroll down and find the heading of "My Saved Credit Cards" then click on "Add New card"

3.) Enter current credit card information, then click Save and the store will verify card then save.

4.) Once the card is saved you will that a brief summary of the card will now be shown under My Saved Credit Cards section

Improper Credit Card and business Etiquette

Any activity concerning a charge back will result in the permanent loss of purchasing abilities. Decisions on charges and returns has to be made in writing, and decisions are at the sole discretion of Unique Diesel. Beyond loss of purchasing abilities on the store in the event of a charge back the following applies. The customer information is submitted and flagged in a world-wide database that affects customer level (not just card) approval rates on other e-commerce platforms.