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Injection Pump - DB2 Big Plunger 330 Mechanical
Injection Pump - DB2 Big Plunger 330 Mechanical

Injection Pump - DB2 Big Plunger 330 Mechanical

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Calibration and Testing
Here is the basis for mechanical 6.5 fuel performance. This is the replacement for the old tried and true .330" performance pump typically seen on marine applications, typical automotive applications have .290" or .310" plungers. You are looking at a complete all new pump. This pump is the latest generation of the Stanadyne .330" plunger DB2 pump featuring a plethora of changes from the smaller bore DB2s used on 6.2 and 6.5 engines. Many of those changes were to keep the thing together while making higher output. This latest generation got updates in the form of the steel bore for the advance piston and updated piston assembly. The top cover assembly has also been changed to reduce leak issues.

This pump is capable of around 295 HP out of the box buy changing it's fuel calibration. The default fueling rate on this unit is 250 HP. The pump is capable of more power than simply turning up the fuel screw, but that requires disassembly of the pump to add "hot rod" capabilities.

For the sake of this product offering, this is the default pump.

Checkout Options:

Standard OE Calibration is 12-month warranty through authorized Stanadyne Shop.

Standard OE Tested and verified doesn't affect Stanadyne warranty.

Fueling Increase options carry a 6-month warranty through Unique Diesel (Options Coming Soon).

Why the testing? These things are built by humans, and as such stuff happens. We want to be sure when a unit goes out the door that it's matching all the calibration specs and there is nothing unexpected. This also allows us to tell you where the fueling is set (as there is a range these can be set at and be in spec, low, min, high of the range). We have seen some issues with new pumps, while not common are good to catch and fix and or replace. It's your choice!

*** Please note, as this typically goes without saying but end-user modification (opening the pump, changing fueling etc.) voids all warranty on the unit.

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