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Right to Refuse Service Policy


Unique Diesel values the "Golden Rule" in dealing with people and expects the same of customers.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of customers don't share this value; the following information applies.

Unique Diesel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. The typical reasons for refusal of services is being disrespectful, rude conduct, breaking policy, and fraud. Refusal of service due to rude communication and conduct requires no notice. Cancellation of a purchased product or service after or during rude negotiation for services will follow the cancellation policy. Other times a customer is told formally that services are not available to that customer. Once a business or individual has been told that they will not be provided services by Unique Diesel or parent company this is permanent. Purchases made and caught prior to shipping will be refunded based on the transaction policy cancellation fee. Successful attempts to circumvent this request by purchases by others etc. will void all warranty service and product guarantees explicitly and is considered fraud. Purchases intentionally disputed by Paypal and Credit Card processors will also result in permanent loss of services from Unique Diesel. We do not do business with individuals who attempt or participate in "Friendly Fraud", as this is theft, or those using alternative methods to circumvent a policy. Posting negative feedback publically about products and services by Unique Diesel will result in no future business with the source customer or individual. Mentions of involving an attorney, or Filing of lawsuits or letters from attorneys will also forfeit customer privileges. Communication at the mention of legal issues will cease except through certified letter.

"If a customer and business cannot settle conflict themselves directly, they need not be doing business."

Abuse of store and services:

Creating orders on the store requiring manual payment and not making the payment, necessitating cancellation of the order will not be tolerated. This is abuse of the store and resources and complicates inventory controls. Adding items to a cart and going through the entire checkout process constitutes a contract and accepted invoice. This accepts terms of pricing and store policy. Forcing us to cancel these orders will result in loss of store privileges and exercising the right to refuse future service.

In Conclusion:

Mutual respect and courteous communication is required for doing business with Unique Diesel. Please formally request services and information and show appreciation for responses, and we will Thank you for your business.