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Transaction Policy


Occasionally an order is accidentally placed, or product is purchased in duplicate but has not been shipped from Unique Diesel. Orders placed and requested to be cancelled also fall into this category. In these scenarios Unique Diesel has a 15% or minimum $10 refund fee to cover transaction fees and accounting expenses. This policy seeks to recover lost credit card processing fees both in taking and refunding the amounts when accidental and requested cancellations occur.

Items ordered by Unique Diesel at a customer's request that are special order are subject to a 50% deduction from refund in the form of a "stocking fee" if cancelled by customer, at a minimum. Special order items may be considered non-cancellable and potential refund is at the sole discretion of Unique Diesel. A classification of an order as a special order is also at the discretion of Unique Diesel, and potentially associated with a lead time or normally stocked.

Orders placed on items on the store that allow back-order (items not in stock but to be ordered) will incur a 35% stocking fee if a back order is requested cancelled.

First time order cancellations.

If the first order placed on the website is the order you are requesting as a cancellation the cancellation fees mentioned on this policy apply with the additional limitation. After order is cancelled the customer account will be disabled with the store as future business will not be welcome. Cancellations and refunds are costly and time consuming and requests for cancellations after committing to an order are not welcome. Plainly, if you are one that cancels an order after making one, and we processed the cancellation, you are not allowed to buy here again.