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Welcome to the new store. This store compliments the Unique Diesel e-commerce business by adding high quality automotive engines, and related components. The focus of this store is offering components we use our self in personal engine builds, replacements, performance and general maintenance. The 6.2 and 6.5L Diesel engines have become a classic engine design that has a great amount of support with a quality OEM like AM General's General Engine Products and fuel system components from Stanadyne and Bosch, and many aftermarket providers. Because GM's support for this engine has pretty much ended there are offerings from several aftermarkets. Some aftermarket parts are good, while others are simply off-shore garbage. We weed out the suspect and provide the performers.

What about Peninsular products?

Unique Diesel acquired all of Peninsular's assets in 2018, including automotive offerings. We were interested in Peninsular because they had similar values to that of Unique Diesel, interested in quality engineering and products. Most products previously offered by Peninsular are available through Unique Diesel, although we've decided to obsolete some items of course that were obviously too low volume, too individual, or not profitable.

Finding and Identifying parts in this store

We've tried to identify parts in the store by giving them names that are easy to search for. Please make use of the Search box on the store as it's a powerful tool to find the items you're looking for.

Items are categorized in this store into many major categories. These categories also have sub-categories to make it easier to find groups of parts and items.

How to identify the grade and quality of a part or component on this store? Items that are "New" in condition will just be the description for the item. Items that are "Used" will start out with the title Used. Items that are remanufactured or rebuilt or reconditioned will bare the name "Reman". Additionally, when we use the term "OE" that means Original Equipment, as made by a previous OEM or current OEM of the 6.5L engine, effectively non-aftermarket.

Store usability - Phone vs Computer

This store is compatible with both full-featured computers and mobile devices such as Phones. While the store is compatible with a phone, your experience will be limited by the small screen and changes in how the store appears and navigates. We prefer to use a mobile device when absolutely necessary, but afforded the opportunity a computer always works better. These statements are being made due to the "mobile first" initiatives on the internet that effectively are "limiting" what sites can and can't do, and it's result is less is more, or wait, is less always less (we think so).

Main point: if you're looking for something and want the best experience, fire up the computer (heck, they cost less than a phone now days) and give the site a whirl, you'll be glad you did.

Store Updates and upcoming products

May 15, 2020 is the first launch of this store. This has been the answer to help customers answer questions about some product availability and to facilitate smoother purchases. Less hassle to get what you need than to email and await for quotes and what not.

We will be adding products frequently, this is just the beginning, some exciting things on the way...

If we don't have what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and see if we can special order it or have it and can make it available for you and the rest of the customer base.