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This contact page is primarily to assist potential and current customers with contacting Unique Diesel - GM Truck regarding purchase of parts and components for automotive 6.2 and 6.5 Diesel applications. Currently all customer service communication is handled in writing via email.

Store Sales and Customer Service contact benefits and limits

The Sales Inquiry link on this page initiates email contact with us to inquire about the direct sales of product and services offered on this store. Sales agents will provide information on products and services currently offered in the store. Agents can advise what available in-store components are needed for specific repair and some limited upgrade scenarios. Answers for special order or items not currently offered in the store and special services related to existing product offerings will be answered with a delay to retrieve appropriate and accurate information. Agents are not experienced in offering any form of technical advice or troubleshooting and those type of requests may be entirely disregarded. Limited customer product support only exists for recently purchased products from Unique Diesel - GM Truck. Customer service is reserved for after purchase type inquiries only.

Store registration required to for Sales Inquiry and General Contact

Items listed on the store may be browsed but not purchased without registering for a user account for checkout of items. The purpose of sales inquiry contact is to assist registered customers towards the purchase of items available on this online store. The first step towards being a customer is registration on the website.

There are several ways to initiate registering for an account on this website (online store). The simplest way is to follow the button link below to access the registration page.

Contacting Sales Inquiry Agents

Making a sales inquiry should be related to items already purchased or items currently available on the website for purchase that you need additional information on in order to complete a purchase. On items you need more information to complete a purchase, we recommend adding those items to cart in your account so that this can be seen by sales as a serious inquiry. When looking for items not represented on the website please see section below on this page about store inventory and stock to understand the process we follow for making items that we have available for your purchase. To contact sales inquiry department, please login to your website account, then use the button link below to access the page containing the email contact form. The button below will only work if you're logged into your account first, so come back to this page after you've logged in.

Contacting Customer Service.

Making a customer service inquiry should be related to items already purchased or are in the process of completing payment on a purchase in the case of an item that requires a manual payment process. Use of the following button will put you in contact with a representative of Customer Support to assist with post ordering questions and specific post-purchase questions that occur in business. This button does not require login to assist access to customer service for the specific functions mentioned. No sales questions answered through this portal.

Other special considerations exist for contact where there are problems with logging into the website. If you are having an issue logging into your account, you must follow the processes built into the website to managing a change of password. We cannot assist with change of passwords. If this does not work for some special reason, please visit the website policy for shopping cart help for further options.

Store inventory and stock

Let us know if something is out of stock as we may have it but are working on shelving that actual item and adding to inventory control. Many other new and used items are available that are not yet available on this website. Should you be looking for something specific, contact us and make the request considering the following as a guide on response. If it is something that we have and can make available for sale on the website within a week's time we will reply and indicate that. If the item requested is not available at all, we will indicate. If the item is available but cannot be placed online within the week time frame (example used component we have lots of but cannot inventory and make available) then you will receive a response of not at this time. Quotations and estimations of pricing will not be provided by customer support until actual item is represented on the website and available for sale to all. Requests for components even if we cannot assist with active interests will be added to the make available list so check back at a later date. As for manual one-off sales for items, we do not make sales and quotations for items outside of the inventory control and web store process.

Unique Diesel - GM Truck

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