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Kit - Select Fit Main Bearings Piston No-Spray
Kit - Select Fit Main Bearings Piston No-Spray

Kit - Select Fit Main Bearings Piston No-Spray

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Please note, this is an advanced option and product page intended for experienced engine builders and those very familiar with this engine platform. Before you select any options on this be sure you fully understand the select-fit methods used on engines and mating components (block and crank) are in good conditions to use these as a set. This is a complicated product and a custom packaged set of bearings will be provided with all selections made.

This is a non-returnable item

Select each shell needed for the set. Upper is block or case, Lower is in the cap.

This kit is configurable with the legacy upper bearing that does not contain the holes for piston oil spray cooling.

Fits both 6.2 and 6.5 engine blocks casting number ending in (660, 599, 929, 141) or prior to block cast 506, and can be optionally used on later 506 blocks to delete piston oil spray cooling (for non-turbo usage). These should not be used with 506 and later blocks used in turbo service.

Parts for the "select fit" process these engines were originally produced with. For information about bearing selection, refer to our TECH section for registered customers.

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