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Services - 6.2 6.5 Engine Vehicle Consulting

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Frequently potential and existing customers ask complicated questions about product application towards a given goal. While we understand that learning is powerful and applying the right part towards the intended goal is important we also understand the background work necessary for decoding and understanding the needs to make proper recommendations. In a perfect world you'd make recommendations for items a customer is interested in and invest your time towards that goal of a sale and you'd get the sale. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Generally due to many variables from the customer is not ready to purchase, is choosing another solution, or projected product exceeded financial resources for the customer. The result of years of these type of inquires has led to just not entertaining the inquiry. As an alternative we are offering this service. The intent is this service will make recommendation and pricing towards the purchase of components. This purchase is refundable if a purchase for recommended components is made whose sale exceeds $1000.00 USD.


One solution, and no proprietary information.

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