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Kit - Maximus Turbo Performance Intake for MFI DB2 6.5L
Kit - Maximus Turbo Performance Intake for MFI DB2 6.5L

Kit - Maximus Turbo Performance Intake for MFI DB2 6.5L

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Charge Air Cooler
Inlet Elbow Type
Manifold to Head Bolt Kit (+$12.00)
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Fat Head Plenum to Manifold Sealant (+$25.00)
Extra V-Band Seal (+$25.00)
Introducing the Maximus Turbo Performance Intake for MFI DB2 6.5L C/K Trucks.

This high-performance capable replacement intake manifold system adds power potential to the 6.5L. The intake plenum and chamber is designed to provide maximum reserve air from beginning to end of the rpm curve. This kit is currently designed for 6.5L Turbo engines equipped with the mechanical DB2 injection pump. Currently supported for 1992-1993 6.5L C/K applications, and closely related serpentine 88-91 6.2L applications with a turbocharger (adapted 6.5L turbo setup for example). This setup is potentially applicable to all DB2 Mechanical MFI 6.2 Turbo and 6.5 Turbo engine configurations, but not yet supported. For extended support of applications please contact us about compatibility development.

The default kit includes:

  • Performance Lower Intake Plenum
  • Fat Head Upper Air Chamber Plenum
  • Heat Barrier spacers
  • Fasteners for between lower intake manifold and top plenum

The kit can be customized in this store to accommodate other additions.

  • Internal Charge Air Cooler (liquid exchanger)
  • Thermal Dispersant Coating
  • Add an Aux port to the inlet elbow for WMI or other options
  • Add Fasteners for manifold to cylinder heads
  • Sealant for between upper and lower plenum
  • Extra V-Band Seal for spare and maintenance

Currently this product is built after order, items are not kept in stock and a current lead time exists of about 6-weeks to ship.

While this is currently not an all inclusive kit, the majority of the items you'll need to adapt this intake setup to your custom 6.5L engine configuration are provided or are available separately.

Payment for the item due to expense is currently handled via manual payment methods, which are select-able during checkout on this store. Purchases for this item and accessories is handled via this online store only, so checkout online is required.

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